Elite Vein Harvesters Network
Vein Harvesting Job Placement Network for
Now Expanded 
Open to all CST, CSFA, CSA, SA-C, RNFA, PA's

Welcome to the EVH Network

Elite Vein Harvesters Network is a ground-breaking job bank for proficient CSFA, CSA, and SA-C's in the Cardiac Surgery industry with proficient EVH skills.  The EVH Network is also the platform for Recruiters and Hospitals throughout the country to get access to the Elite Cardiac trained CSFA, CSA, SA-C, RNFA, and PA-C . For the Surgical Assistant an extensive relationship has been established by EVH Network with recruiters and hospitals nationwide.  Through a validation process Elite Vein Harvesters Network will verify and validate each network member.  This allows recruiters and hospitals a faster and more simple task of seeking competent EVH skilled first assistants.
We are also expanding and NOW accept ALL CST, CSFA, CSA, SA-C, RN, PA's in all disciplines.  Recruiters with ACTUAL knowledge will tirelessly seek full time positions for you. 

Simply fill out contact form and your now in the Network. 
We will contact you soon after with acknowledgement of membership and direct your needs.​
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EVH Harvesters


  • 2 years experience in Cardiac Surgery
  • Minimum 150 EVH Cases
  • Once Verified and Validated you are in Network
  • Only Name and contact information is kept on file.
  • Database is confidential
  • Declare if you are active/inactive
  • Active members will be contacted by Recruiters.
  • Recruiters do not have access to database, ONLY EVH Network has access.
  • Service is free for harvesters

  • Contact EVH Network to establish membership 
  • EVH Network utilizes experienced recruiters to fulfill your job seeking needs 
  • All active members of EVH Network are validated with their job experience
  • Eliminates the "search" process