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About Us

Elite Vein Harvesters Network is now a platform for the skilled Cardiac Surgical First Assistant with proficient EVH skills to be found, and in turn because of verified and validated skillset from the EVH Network, the CSFA, CSA, and SA-C have a far greater opportunity for desired geographic placement, and salary negotiation.

Elite Vein Harvesters Network was founded by Tim Pinkerton, CSFA, MBA, BSHCM.  Tim Pinkerton has been a practicing Cardiac CSFA since 1991, with 16 years working within the hospital system and 9 years private practice. Tim Pinkerton has a passion for the CSFA, CSA, and SA-C that establish specific first assist skills in Cardiac surgery and especially EVH. Tim Pinkerton has performed over 4000 EVH Cases, and over 300 Radial Artery Harvest utilizing both Maquet and Terumo EVH systems to date.

Elite Vein Harvesters Network was established to provide a platform for both the Cardiac Surgical Assistant with strong EVH experience, and a database that is available for Recruiters and Hospitals.  

CSFA, CSA, and SA-C's have long been represented by AST/ASA, NSAA, and other governing bodies.  These organizations do a proficient job at training and certification, but provide very little support for the industry and gaining employment.

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